Treat Yourself to a Great Night's Sleep

Shop our selection of premium Malouf mattresses in Amarillo, TX

Want to know the secret to restorative sleep? You need a high-quality mattress! Visit Amarillo Mattress in Amarillo, TX to see our selection of luxury Malouf mattresses available at unbelievably low prices.

We offer three popular types of Malouf mattresses that range from 11 to 14 inches thick:

1. Peak ActivAir Hybrid
2. Ascend CoolSync Hybrid
3. Embark CoolSync

If you're interested in seeing your different Malouf mattress options, make an appointment with Jared today.

What type of mattress is right for you?

All Malouf mattresses are made with premium materials and incredible cooling and comfort technology. And whether you prefer a hybrid or memory foam mattress, they've designed the perfect one for you.

Malouf hybrid mattresses combine coils and foam for the perfect balance of breathability, comfort and support. Their plush memory foam mattresses are made with their CoolSync foam technology, which is designed to stay cool and contour your body for ultimate comfort.

You can combine your Malouf mattress with any of our adjustable base frames for a completely customized sleep experience. Stop by Amarillo Mattress today to get started.