How to find a mattress that is good for you!

How to find a mattress that is good for you!

You can read 1000s of articles about selecting a great mattress; companies spend millions of your dollars trying to convince you that only their mattress is the best.  That, of course, is not true.  Many companies make great mattresses, so how do you find one?

Here is the simple way to find a great mattress!

How do you sleep?  In other words, when you shut off the lights, TV, phone and "curl up", are you on your side? front? back?  This initial position is your comfort position.

Side sleepers usually like the mattress a little softer, back and front sleepers like it a little firmer.

Higher quality mattresses will be more supportive with stronger cores that tend to make the mattress feel a bit firmer, but this is OK.  You want the core to hold you up for years to come!

Once you know this you can then find a great mattress in your budget and with the features you are looking for.

It does take about 3-4 weeks to get used to a new mattress.  Curl up and sleep on it normally and your body will adjust to your new support!

Many blessed nights of sleep!!


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