Why Amarillo Mattress Online

Why Amarillo Mattress Online

We are a 2nd generation family in the mattress business with over 30 years in the industry. Our experience has illustrated that some items, mattresses in particular, have huge markups to support those "HUGE" stores and number of employees; that is why the big stores love and need to see mattress buyers often spending more than they should.
Then there are stores that sell cheap mattresses, those mattresses typically are not new, but “cleaned,” or have new side panels sewn on and sold as rebuilt; used hotel mattresses, customer returns, exchanges, etc. that are sold as refurbished, . But none typically come with any kind of warranty, sold AS-IS.

Here at Amarillo Mattress Online we had an idea, and a goal to find, and supply our customers with a Luxury, Quality, Brand New Mattress with factory warranty, at a price that is affordable to everyone! We all sleep, we all should be able to sleep on a Luxury and Quality mattress at an affordable price!

We found that we could indeed meet and supersede our goal. Our mattress brands are of the Quality, and Luxury we all deserve, and at a price we can all afford! Many are made in the USA, and all are the BEST value at any price!  

So please, shop with confidence. We sleep on these very same mattresses. We only want to sell Quality and Value. We skip all the gimmicks and stuff that really just cost you more!  Our markups are just enough to keep the lights on and feed our family, so we honestly rely on you to help make the plan work.

Our prices are so low that we can’t even advertise them without repercussions, so you’ll need to check the 

ROCK BOTTOM Price when you add it to your CART.

We know you’ll be delighted!
From our family to yours, thank you for shopping with us, and be Blessed everyday!